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Modifying a Floatie to Teach Swimming

May 21, 2013


This is my favorite floatie that my kids have used, it’s called a Puddle Jumper.  We tried a lifejacket, and a swim suit with built in flotation devices when my son was really little, but those floaties didn’t help them directionally keep their face above water, so felt more dangerous than helpful.  The Puddle Jumper is awesome, because it gives kids the flotation in the front so that their face stays above water.

But right now, I am trying to teach my five year-old to swim, and we need less flotation for our lessons—but some would still be helpful as he learns.  Instead of buying something new, I decided to modify our Puddle Jumper by removing the arm circles so that my son can work on learning to use his arms, while having flotation still around his trunk.  I found that this modification was really simple; it required no re-sewing of a hem or anything, just ripping out two seams.

Even better, it is working really well and is just what my son needs.

IMG_2868 IMG_2869 IMG_2870

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