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Craft: Crayon Fabric Art

May 24, 2013

crayon fabric art

My kids are now custom textile designers, specializing in crayon.  Thankfully, this foray into textile art was actually planned (unlike the pencil on the wall of our stairway.)

There are lots of fabric paints out there, but I decided to go the low-tech route because crayons are always around, and they don’t require much supervision or drying.  If you wanted to make shirts at a birthday party, if you did it in crayon all the kids could wear them right away!  And you wouldn’t spend the whole craft time holding your breath waiting for a paint explosion disaster.

Crayon fabric opens up a whole new array of ways to immortalize kiddo art: pillows, custom costumes, t-shirts, doll clothes… really anything.  I started with taping squares of white cotton onto the table for the kids to color on.  They thought this was great.  After they were done, I ironed the crayon into the fabric (with a dish towel between the crayon fabric and the iron) and washed the fabric.  The crayon held up during washing though I have no doubt that repeated washings would eventually do in the design.  More importantly though, it did not discolor a white sheet that I put in the washer and dryer with it as a test case.

Verdict: this is a fun craft, though figure out what you want to do with the fabric before starting otherwise your kids are going to ask… and ask… and ask….

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