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Low Cost, No Contact Doggy Discipline

June 11, 2013


Our adolescent lab is just the best—except for when he is just the worst.  We rescued him from a shelter, and have had a hard time correcting him because when we went to get him by the collar to remove him from a piece of furniture, he would turn around and try to get our hand.  I’ve dealt with aggressive dogs before, and this was not real aggression—Clarence was mouthing, but mouthing with a growl that said, don’t do that.

We needed to teach him the rules, and who is in charge, without putting ourselves in that situation.  What has worked is a tin can.  We took an empty tin can, and put a handful of rocks from our driveway in it, and taped it shut with packaging tape.  When Clarence is bad.  We get the can and shake it at him—and Clarence hates the noise, he immediately turns from alpha to beta dog and goes slinking away.  Perfect.

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