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Craft: Dove Paper Airplane

June 17, 2013


My son has been really interested in paper airplanes recently, so we made a dove paper airplane for a recent craft.

First, we cut a paper late in half.

We cut one of the halves into thirds again, and left the other half in tact.




Next, we taped one of the wedges onto the half of the paper plate (for the tail.)

We got two spoons, and a tiny rock, and tapes the spoons together with the rock inside them.

And finally, we taped the spoons onto the bottom of the dove.



IMG_3165 IMG_3166

The verdict? This was an easy craft to assemble, so my son enjoyed it.  It was even easy enough that my two year-old and five year-old made their own doves by themselves later.  That’s a mark of a great craft in my book.  However, this dove didn’t actually fly all that well.  (T. was so enthusiastic about it though, that I’m not sure the ineffectiveness of his paper airplane dove really sunk in and it definitely didn’t hamper his enjoyment.)


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